When Do I Plant My Aubergine Plants Out?

If you have already started growing aubergine plants from seeds, you might be wondering how you would know when it is time to transplant them outdoors.

There are several ways of determining when it is time to let your eggplants grow out in the open without endangering them.

Aubergine grown from seeds must be seeded four to six weeks before they can be set out.  Take note that at 86°F, seeds will germinate in five days.  So if you live in an area with a colder temperature, the germination process would be a little longer.

Once you see the stems of your aubergine plant straightened out and its first true leaves open – about six to nine of them, then it’s time to transplant them.  This indicates the plants have already developed a complete root system and if done properly, would survive being transplanted.

You would see this happen about 20 days after you have sown the seeds.

Taking care of aubergine plants do not end when they have been moved outdoors.  Young plants should be exposed to fully to the sun –that’s where they thrive.  Choose a location where they will receive plenty of sunlight.

Ideally, the temperature outside must be around 65° to 75°F in the daytime and a little lower than that at night.  Any colder and your plants may not survive, no matter how ready they are.  To help your transplants, you may use a hot bed or cold frame.