When are Aubergines in Season?


Great news for auberdine-lovers…it’s almost auberdine season!

Although auberdines are available all year round, there’s still a specific time when this popular member of the nightshade family is abundant and are its best – and that’s July to October.

The Aubergine is a warm-season crop and is perennial, but it’s grown as an annual.  In the United States same as in North America, they are grown from transplants to make harvest faster.  This is because seeded eggplants take about 150 days to mature – too long to squeeze in the spring and summer seasons.

When exposed to long periods of cool weather, aubergine flowers have a tendency to drop, thereby resulting to reduced yield.

Depending on the variety, aubergines can be harvested about 60 days after post-frost planting.

Aubergines are a tricky plant to grow for gardeners.  A warm season crop, it is best to sow them from seed indoors for six to eight weeks.  Set them in the garden as transplants approximately two weeks after the last frost in spring has passed.

Coming in so many shapes: globes, half-moons and teardrops, wonderful colors: pink, yellow, green, white, lavender and violet, the aubergine is one of the prettiest fruits to grow in any garden.