Tips to Encourage Aubergines to Grow

Aubergines or eggplants are easy enough to cultivate, but it doesn’t mean they can be treated like weeds.  They still need some care to encourage them to grow.

Here are several tips that would help you and your aubergine plants work together for an abundant harvest.

  • Know what aubergine plants favor when it comes to climate.  Match the criteria to what you plan to do with them.  Would you like to grow aubergines indoors?  Or would you prefer them to be in the garden?
  • Aubergine loves warm climates – that’s where they thrive most.  Forcing them to grow in the cold would only lead to stunted growth.  Even if you get them to flower, chances are, they would just fall off and not become the full-grown fruit that you want them to be.
  • You can transfer plants in a heated greenhouse in April and in the first week of May if you’re transferring them in an unheated one.  If you plan to grow them outdoors, do so early in June.
  • You can put polythene or cloches two weeks prior to planting to warm up the soil.  Make sure to put ample spacing between each plant – about two feet apart.
  • Cut off the main tip of the plant when they reach a height of 12 inches.  This would encourage them to grow more and become bushy.
  • Remember to fertilize the soil regularly with a high potassium fertilizer especially once you see the beginnings of fruit.
  • Regularly moisten the leaves with tepid water to discourage red spider mites from inhabiting in your plant.
  • Pinch off other flowers once you see that five to six fruits have already set per plant.  Do this for aubergine cultures that are big.  For small varieties, you can leave the plant to produce as many fruits as it wants to.
  • Water the plants regularly especially during dry spells to avoid blossom end rot.
  • Put stakes and tie in the plants as they grow to help them carry the weight of the fruits.


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