The Different Varieties of Aubergines

You may not know it, but that strange, bright-orange fruit you just saw at your green grocers might be an aubergine, not a tomato.  Aubergines come in so many varieties it’s a wonder why we only know the purple cultivar.

A quick research would tell you that aubergines have travelled far and wide.  Many exotic varieties exist in Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine, China, and India.  And all of them come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Yes, there’s more to auberdines than the purple kind.

Take for instance, the Cambodian Green Giant cultivar.  It is large with skin that’s a unique light-colored green stripes.

Another international heirloom auberdine is the Rosa Bianca variety.  It is from Italy, proudly flaunting a skin in shades of lavender and pink.

Thai Yellow Eggs, as the name suggests, is from Thailand.  It produces yellow fruits that are small and literally shaped like eggs.

From Africa, the Goyo Kumba aubergine variety is unusually tall and attractive.  They can be planted for their fruits or even just as ornament.  It produces bright red fruits that are truly eye-catching.

Like Goyo Kumba, the Brazilian Oval Orange aubergine variety has very attractive fruits that changes color as it matures – from green to orange to red.

Other international varieties of aubergine include Ping Tung Long from Taiwan, Japanese White Egg from Japan, Udmalbet from India and Listada de Gandia from Italy.

Popular backyard garden varieties of auberdines are Dusky, which takes 60 days to mature, Epic, Black Bell and Black Magic with fruits maturing at 72 days.

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