How to Care and Water Your Aubergines

Whether its color is orange, red, pale green or your usual purple, it is still an aubergine.  They all need the same care, love and attention if you want your plants to thrive.


How do you care for aubergine plants?

Aubergines are low maintenance plants so taking care of them isn’t hard to do.  All you need to remember are three basic things – fertilize, water and control pests.

Water Your Eggplants


Like any other plant, tree, bush or vine, eggplants need water to live.  Keep your soil moist after you have sown the seeds, but do not overwater.

When the first shoots appear, limit watering them about twice a week.  Water your eggplants everyday only when the temperature gets very hot and the soil is starting to dry up.

Fertilize Your Eggplants


Aubergine plants grow as high as one meter, but if you don’t help them out by fertilizing the soil, they might not be able to maximize their growth.

You can use liquid manure or compost tea to dress your soil every three weeks.  This will enhance their growth and make them thrive.  Putting mulch in and around the beds will also help during their growth.

Aubergine plants grown in containers must be fed with liquid tomato feed or seaweed fertiliser every two weeks.  If you would like good-sized aubergines, pinch out other flowers, limiting them to just five or six per plant.  This would encourage the plant to divert its energy in making the fruits bigger.

Pest Control

Be always on the lookout for pests which loves to feed on aubergines such as cutworm, snails and flea beetles.  If you don’t, they might enjoy the fruits of your labor first instead of you.

You can create your very own homemade pesticide by combining finely chopped onion and garlic, liquid dish soap and cayenne pepper.  This is especially effective in getting rid of flea beetles.

Also remember that weeds can take nutrients and water away from your plants, so pull them out.