Growing Aubergines from Seeds

There are two ways of cultivating aubergines: you can either grow them from seeds or use transplants purchased from your local nursery.

Either way is fine, really.  But the thing is aubergines mature in 150 days — pretty long if you want to sow and harvest in the spring and summer seasons.  That’s why most gardeners prefer starting from transplants.  It gives them a head start.

If you would like to grow auberdine plants from seeds, there are a lot of varieties and cultivars to choose from.

The Diamond eggplant produces plump fruits that are three inches by six inches big.  Thai Long Green variety has long, curved fruits that have pale green skin.  It adapts well not just in Thailand, but also in the US and Europe.

Other aubergine cultivars include De Barbentane, Purple Long, Purple base, Green Ball, Tough guy among others.

Whatever variety you choose, start them off indoors using pots or plug trays with quality compost.  Thinly sow the seeds and cover them with a layer of fertilized soil.

Lightly press down the soil, remembering to keep it moist.  Cover it with polythene or a sheet of glass so a high humidity can be maintained.  Keep the seeds warm – about 20 degrees.

Once you see the seedlings begin to show through the soil, remove the cover.  When the seedlings reach six inches, they are ready to be transplanted to individual pots.  Use quality, free-draining compost to prevent root damage because of water logging.

Water the seedlings twice a day during hot spells.

Allow them to continue growing.  Transplant them in grow-bags or large pots when they get bigger.   Transplant them outdoors only when the last threat of frost is over.