Different Ways of Cooking Aubergines


Aubergines can be cooked in a lot of different, delicious ways.  And it isn’t surprising.  The eggplant is a flexible vegetable which can be fried, baked, stuffed, steamed and roasted.  It can be eaten on its own or be an added ingredient in casseroles and other dishes.


Casseroling, or adding it in a dish, is probably the most customary way of cooking aubergines.  When used this way, aubergines can be cut in big chunks.  Baby aubergines can even be put in whole.

Depending on the recipe, the skin of the aubergine is usually left alone because most chefs believe it adds a special flavor to any eggplant dish.




You can also grill aubergines.  Grilling brings out the best in foods, be it meat or vegetable.  That includes aubergines. You can simply cut them lengthwise and grill them – no salt or any other ingredient.  They are delicious that way.

In the Philippines, they create salads out of roasted aubergines.  What they do is roast big, purple eggplants whole on an open flame until they are soft and a little shriveled or when the skin has already cracked.

After that, the burnt skin is peeled off.  You would know if you have roasted the eggplants enough when the skin easily detaches from the flesh.  Under-roasted eggplants won’t give easily.

The soft flesh would then be mashed into a paste along with onions, tomatoes, vinegar, a little salt and pepper to taste.


If you are thinking of frying them, cut the eggplants into very thin slices – definitely not more than a quarter of an inch thick.  Doing this would prevent the flesh from absorbing too much oil, making the eggplants soggy.

Use olive oil and put on medium heat.  Once the oil is sizzling, fry the eggplants.  Fry both sides until they are a little brown.


You can stuff eggplants with almost anything you can think of.  There are so many recipes out there that do just this.  You can use ground pork or beef, cheese, rice and herbs.  There’s no limit to it – only your imagination.

However, aubergines do not taste at all palatable when raw.  They need to be cooked.  Nor do they do well when boiled.  But if cooked properly, you can surely impress your family and guests with the perfect aubergine dish.