Aubergines and Weight Loss


Aubergines may not have a lot of essential vitamins like most fruits and vegetables, but it does have one interesting advantage over the rest – it helps you lose weight.

All foods contain calories which makes us fat especially when taken excessively.  But aubergines or eggplants have very low calorie content.

Just how low, you might ask?  A cup of cooked eggplant only contains approximately 20 calories.  If you decide to eat 1¼ pounds of peeled eggplants, it only has about 110 calories; unpeeled ones will bring up the calories slightly – about 132 calories.

Aubergines also have low fat content, making it an ideal component in low-fat and weight-loss diets.

On top of this, the eggplant is a nutrient-dense food so it makes you feel full right away, thus preventing you from over-eating.

A negative calorie fat-burner, eggplants are a great combination of delicious taste, healthy benefits while naturally helping increase your metabolism.  With eggplants around, you do not have to starve yourself to be thin.